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Cataracts are the age related changes that occur in the lens of the eye.  The crystalline lens is the normally transparent part of the eye that is located behind the iris and, together with the cornea, is responsible for focusing light in order for one to see the world clearly.

The lens is normally transparent at birth and very gradually starts to lose its transparency with age due to prolonged exposure to sunlight.  This loss of transparency is what we call “cataract”.

Symptoms usually start to appear between the age of 50-60 years old and at first the patient complains of light scatter and haloes at night time.  As the cataract progresses vision starts to deteriorate.

The only cure for cataract is removal through a minimally invasive surgery called “Phaco”.  This breakthrough in cataract removal is a highly sophisticated and highly efficient way of removal of cataract through a 1mm incision. Through this tiny incision we are able to liquify and suck the cataract out.  This procedure is performed under topical anaesthesia, without pain and with no sutures, allowing for very rapid and very smooth visual rehabilitation.

Once the cataract is removed an artificial lens (IOL) must be implanted in its place.  Without that lens vision would be very poor. Recent advances in artificial lenses allow for easy implantation insuring excellent vision.